The Negative Sims Mood Machine (UPDATED)

This special object is all what a sim could ever want: Can put all your moods on green or red, can teach you things (Like cooking, mechanical, charisma...) or can make you forget them. Can also kill you (If you like killing yourself...), give you money (Or take it from you, depending in what you want), and can help you in your job (can make you get one level higher without doing anything, or low you one, and can also put you DIRECTLY in the top of the career or fire you), and can also help you with your grades (If you are in school, can even send you to military school), and can change your age between child/adult without changing your body. There are some minor "Bugs" in this object. For information, please refer to the forum.

UPDATED VERSION: Now you can also edit your personality.

The Negative Sims Pet Food Bowls Set

1 2 3

This special set has 3 Food Bowls: The first one will max out your pet mood, the second one will teach him everything, and the third one will kill your pet.

The Negative Sims Special Turkey

This turkey can help you A LOT in the parties, because it will max out the mood of anybody who eats it. Requested by Redken.


The Nude Diving Board

This diving board will make anybody who uses it to swim naked.

The Negative Sims In Home Bar

This UNIQUE item will let you buy the bar in your home, and have some drinks...can also be bought downtown, vacation island and Community Lots. Requires Hot Date. 

The No Pets Door

This door won't let any pet to go in...perfect if you don't want them into your house...or out...if it doesn't work the right way, just change the door direction. Requires Unleashed.

The Non-Privacy Showers Set

Your Sims won't shoo anybody when they are using these showers. The second one requires House Party. They are also visitor enhanced...but this last feature isn't tested yet.

The Raccoon Alarm

This special alarm will call Animal Control when the raccoon appears

The Janitor Phone Plugin

HERE to download it.

This plugin calls the Hot Date Janitor to your home, so she will clean it up and repair any broken object. Also, she will stay in your home, so you'll have a permanent Janitorial Service. This NPC shall be deleted whit the Move_Objects On cheat. Requires House Party and Hot Date.

The Yeti Phone Plugin

HERE To download it

Summons the Vacation Island Yeti, who will entertain (Hug) your kids. Must be deleted with the Move_objects On Cheat. Requires House Party and Vacation.

The Tragic Clown Phone Plugin

HERE To download it.

Summons the Tragic Clown. Requires House Party and Livin' large.

The Claire The Bear Phone Plug In

This lets you call Claire The Bear, and "Invite" her to your house. But beware, because that nice guy that answers the phone may get angry if you say that you don't want Claire the Bear in your's free... REQUIRES HOUSE PARTY AND HOT DATE

The Palm Reader Phone Plug In

This lets you call and take the Old Town's Palm Reader to your home, so you won't have to go Old Town to see her, or to revive somebody. Once again, the nice guy at the phone may get angry and shout at you if you don't want to see the palm reader. REQUIRES HOUSE PARTY AND UNLEASHED.

NOTE: This NPC won't go out of your house by itself. You have to erase it using the "Move_Objects ON" cheat. This Plugin has a bug that quits your game to desktop sometimes when the Palm Reader is in your home. Use it at your own risk.

The DJ Z-Buffer Phone Plug In

Lets you call the DJ and take him home to entertain your party, or your home. REQUIRES HOUSE PARTY AND HOT DATE.

This NPC won't leave by itself. You'll have to erase it with the "Move_Objects On" Cheat

The Negative Exercise Machine Everyone Version 0.1

This exercise machine can be used downtown, vacation and old town. Can also be used by visitors. It's no yet tested, so please let me know about any error. The final version will have all those features, plus the option to be used by kids and other more.

Click on the image to download the object you want. ALL the files, including the plug in ones must be put on your downloads folder. To report any bug, please go to the FORUM.